How to Remove Wax From Slate Indoors

Mary Ylisela

Slate is a type of natural stone, often used for flooring inside your home. The use of slate adds a sturdy surface that will last a long time when cared for properly. Natural stone surfaces, such as slate, are porous and absorb stains quickly.

Candle wax spilled on slate indoors causes stains that have a greasy residue and can leave candle wax dye on the slate. Remove candle wax stains from slate surfaces carefully and completely to ensure you maintain the appearance and condition of your slate surface.


As the poultice dries, it draws the stain out of the slate surface. Substitute mineral spirits or acetone for hydrogen peroxide. Always wipe spills of any kind from your slate surface as soon as possible.


Avoid scrubbing slate to remove stains as you can scratch the surface.

  1. Melt candle wax on your slate surface, using your hair dryer. Keep the hair dryer on the lowest heat setting and hold it about 1 foot away from the candle wax so the wax doesn't spatter as it softens.

  2. Wipe up softened candle wax with clean, soft cloths. Continue to soften the wax with your hair dryer and wipe with a clean portion of the cloth until all candle wax substance is removed from the slate.

  3. Mix 1 tsp. ammonia and 1/2 cup water in a bowl. Wet a clean cloth with the diluted ammonia solution and wipe your slate surface to remove any greasy residue left by the candle wax.

  4. Remove candle wax dye from your slate surface with a poultice made of talcum powder and hydrogen peroxide. Mix the two ingredients together to make a thick paste.

  5. Apply the poultice paste to the candle wax dye stain on your slate. Spread the paste over the entire stain, applying enough paste so it's about 1 inch thick. Place a piece of plastic wrap on top of the paste, then allow the poultice paste to dry.

  6. Discard the plastic wrap and poultice materials. Use your spatula to scrape up the dry poultice material. Wash your slate surface with a natural stone cleaner, then dry with a clean cloth.