Strawberry Stain on New Granite Countertop

Mary Ylisela

Delicious, nutritious strawberries notoriously leave a pale pink stain on any surface with which they have prolonged contact. Your granite countertop is a porous surface, similar to other natural stone surfaces.

Strawberry stains are a type of organic stain that transfers color from the food to your countertop.

When strawberries are on your counter long enough to stain the surface, it's likely the stain has also been absorbed into the pores of the stone. Complete removal of the pink stain requires you to get it off the surface and out of the stone. The right supplies and technique help you achieve both without damaging your granite countertops.


Use cutting boards to prepare strawberries before eating them. Wipe off fresh strawberry stains immediately so they don't have time to soak into the stone.


Never use scouring powder or other abrasives to clean your granite countertops. The tiny scratches caused by the abrasive will act as dirt magnets, providing a place for stains to settle.

    An eye dropper allows you to add just the right amount of ammonia.
  1. Dampen a clean cloth with hydrogen peroxide. Wring out the excess liquid so the cloth is barely damp. Add 3 drops ammonia to the cloth with an eye dropper.

  2. Wipe the strawberry stains on your granite countertop, using the peroxide and ammonia dampened cloth. Fresh stains that are merely on the surface of the counter can be removed with this step.

  3. Mix powdered chalk and hydrogen peroxide in a bowl to treat remaining strawberry stains. Stir the two ingredients together to create a thick paste.

  4. Smooth the paste over the strawberry stain on your countertop using a spatula. Cover the whole stain and apply the paste so it's at least 1/2 inch thick. Place plastic wrap over the thick mixture then leave the chalk paste on the pink stain until it dries.

  5. Scrape off the dried paste and plastic wrap with your rubber spatula. The strawberry stain should be gone as the paste draws it out during the drying process. Dampen a clean cloth and wipe off the granite then dry it with another cloth.