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How to Install Bulldog Phantom Hook Picture Hangers

Jonah Morrissey

Pictures personalize your home and make it feel warm and welcoming, and hanging pictures is something you can do on your own. If you are hanging a framed piece of art, you'll want a picture hanger that has a small hook that will hold the wire attached to the back of the picture. The hook directs the nail into the wall at an angle so that it will hold the weight of the picture and frame. Unless you are hanging something unusually heavy (say a piece of metal art), you won't need to locate a stud. Picture hangers come at different weight ratings so that you can hang lighter or heavier pictures. Many hangers can hold up to 50 pounds.

Hang pictures on your walls to make your home feel more warm and inviting.
  1. Measure up from the floor to the height desired for the picture using a tape measure, and mark the desired height with a pencil.

  2. Select a hook based on the weight of the picture or artwork that you desire to hang. Picture hangers come with a weight rating that is indicated on the package. You can weigh your picture or artwork on a postage or home scale to roughly determine the weight. A picture framing or art shop can also give you an accurate weight for your framed piece.

  3. Center the nail hole in the hook over the pencil mark on the wall. Hold the hook in position on the wall. If the hook has a heavy weight rating, it may have more than one hole. If this is the case, make sure the center hole of the hook is on the pencil mark.

  4. Hammer the included nail(s) through the hole(s) in the hook and into the wall so that it is fastened snugly to the wall.

  5. Hang the wire or loop on the back of the framed picture or artwork over the hook on the wall and lower it down on the hanger so that it rests on the hook. Place a level across the top of the frame. Adjust the frame horizontally on the hook so that it is level, and remove the level.