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How to Mount a Flagpole Bracket to Brick

Mary Lougee

Homeowners mount flagpoles to their brick homes so they can display their patriotism by flying the American flag or their state flag. Some also display decorative flags to mark holidays or the change of seasons. A flagpoles is placed in wall-mounted brackets that has two or four holes to secure the bracket, depending its size. Screws are included with the bracket for mounting on wood or other siding. Mounting a flagpole bracket on a brick wall requires installing masonry anchors to hold the pole securely in position.

Masonry anchors mount flagpole brackets to brick.
  1. Place the flagpole bracket on the brick structure in the desired location. Center the bracket on a single brick, or on two bricks with one brick above the other.

  2. Hold the bracket in place with one hand. Draw a circle in each of the bracket's screw holes with a carpenter pencil held in the other hand. Set the bracket aside.

  3. Drill a hole on the marks with a masonry bit, using a bit that's the same diameter as the masonry anchors. Drill the hole slightly deeper than the anchor. Clean all brick debris out of the hole with a small brush or compressed air.

  4. Align the bracket screw holes with the holes in the wall. Hold the bracket in place against the brick and insert an anchor into one hole. Tap the anchor into the hole with a hammer. Install additional anchors through the bracket holes in the same manner.

  5. Place the metal interior screw into one anchor. Tighten it clockwise with a screwdriver. Repeat this process to install the screws in each additional anchor.