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Mounting a Hammock to Brick

Brenda Priddy

You can mount a hammock to brick if you don't have a tree or other source of wood to mount the hammock to. Mounting a hammock to brick requires the use of a concrete anchor or the insertion of wood dowel rods inside the brick to add stability and help the screws hold the mounting brackets in place. Brackets that have two or more mounting holes per bracket provide the best weight distribution to use with brick walls.

If you don't have any wood surfaces handy, you can hang a hammock on a brick wall.

Step 1

Place the mounting bracket against the wall. Mark the desired placement of the four screw holes onto the brick wall. Remove the mounting bracket.

Step 2

Drill the holes with the masonry bit. Wear eye protection while drilling. Drill a 3-inch deep hole at each marked point.

Step 3

Cut the dowel rods into eight 3-inch sections. Place some wood glue inside each hole. Fit a dowel rod inside each hole. You may have to use a hammer to fit the dowels inside the holes.

Step 4

Place the mounting bracket over the holes. Screw the screws through the wood dowels using a power screwdriver. Fit the ā€œSā€ hook through the hole on the bottom of the mounting bracket to hang the hammock.