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How to Get a Drill Bit Out of a Craftsman Cordless Drill

Thomas West

Sears department stores sell a line of hand and power tools known by the Craftsman brand. If there is a particular power tool you desire, chances are Sears will carry it. There are many types of Craftsman drills, but the cordless version enables you to work free from any power cords. Also convenient is the keyless chuck — the part that holds the drill bit. The chuck on some older power drills was tightened with a key that sometimes got lost. The keyless chuck allows you to tighten and loosen the chuck as needed to install or remove a drill bit.

Step 1

Slide the power switch on the drill to the center position to avoid accidentally turning on the drill while removing the bit.

Step 2

Hold the body of the drill firmly while twisting the collar of the chuck in a counterclockwise direction. Turn the collar a few additional turns once it is loosened.

Step 3

Pull the drill bit straight out of the chuck.