How to Attach Shutters to Stucco

Elizabeth Knoll

Shutters add a decorative touch to your home's exterior. Shutters mount easily to vinyl siding, but stucco requires a slightly different technique. Portland cement, water and sand mixed together form stucco.

Secure shutters to stucco siding with wall anchors and screws.

Stucco can cover either a masonry, brick or wooden home structure, so find out which type of building material your stucco covers before you begin this project. The building material determines how the shutters will be mounted to your stucco siding.


If you install operable shutters, the shutters will come with hinges instead of brackets.

  1. Position a shutter bracket on the stucco wall at the manufacturer's recommended height. Place a level on the bracket and straighten it, if necessary. Use a pencil to mark the bracket's screw hole locations. Set the bracket aside.

  2. Use either a 1/8-inch drill bit or a 1/4-inch masonry bit, depending on the structure your stucco covers. Drill bits drill through a wooden structure. Masonry bits drill through a brick or concrete structure. If you have a brick or concrete structure, use wall anchors to help secure the bracket to the stucco wall.

  3. Push wall anchors into the pilot holes and tap them in place with a hammer. The wall anchor heads should be flush with the stucco siding. Skip this step if your stucco covers a wooden structure.

  4. Align the bracket's screw holes with the pilot holes or wall anchors. Use the supplied screws and a Phillips driver bit to secure the bracket to the stucco wall. Mount the remaining brackets to the stucco wall in the same way, following the manufacturer's recommended placements.

  5. Position the shutter on the brackets. Drill 9/64-inch pilot holes into the shutter's edges through the bracket's screw holes. Use the supplied screws to secure the shutter to the top and bottom brackets. Repeat with the second shutter.