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How to Attach Vinyl Fencing to Cinder Blocks

Elizabeth Arnold

You can attach a vinyl fence to a cinder block wall using specialized brackets. When the brackets are attached to the cinder block wall, you can slide the vinyl fence rails directly over them for hanging. Brackets vary in size to accommodate a wide range of vinyl fence rails. Hanging the brackets on a hollow cinder block wall requires the use of masonry anchors such as lag screw expansion shields, which expand when threaded into holes.

An adjustable wrench will come in handy when working with vinyl fencing.

Step 1

Hold the vinyl fence up to the cinder block wall at the location where you'll attach it. Have a helper place a level on the vinyl fence rail and check that it is even. Then have him trace around the horizontal rails onto the cinder block wall with a felt-tip marker.

Step 2

Remove the fence to expose the traced lines on the cinder block wall. Equip an electric drill with a 1/2-inch masonry bit. Set a wall mount bracket within the traced lines and mark each slot location on the wall. Drill holes into the cinder block wall. Repeat this process on each traced area on the cinder block wall.

Step 3

Insert the tapered ends of 1/4-inch lag screw expansion shields into each hole. Hit the back of the anchors with a hammer to set them flush with the cinder block wall surface.

Step 4

Place the bracket on the wall lining up the anchor holes with the slots in the bracket. Slip the 1/4-inch anchor bolts through the bracket slots and into the set anchor. Rotate the fasteners in a clockwise direction with an adjustable wrench to secure the bracket to the wall.

Step 5

Place the vinyl fence’s horizontal rails over the brackets.