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How to Mount an Antenna Pole to Your Mobile Home

Adrian Grahams

Mounting your external television antenna correctly is an important factor for satisfactory TV reception. Attach the television antenna for your mobile home to a securely installed antenna pole or mast to give the height required for reliable reception of digital-television signals.

Static mobile home residents can use the same type of antenna mast and mountings as those used for regular residential rooftop and eave-mount antenna installations. Antennas ship with the mast, screws and bolts for correct installation. For metal-skinned mobile homes, use a specialist RV antenna mounting kit, which you can buy from RV dealers and camping stores.

  1. Identify the best site on your mobile home for the television antenna. Look for a location with an unobstructed view in the direction of the TV transmitter. Install the antenna 3 to 4 feet above the roofline of the mobile home on a hard, flat surface.

  2. Use a ladder or steps to access the chosen antenna installation site safely.

  3. Place the antenna mast bracket on the upper wall of the mobile home. Locate the bracket about 1 to 2 feet below the roofline. Ensure that the top edge of the bracket is straight with a spirit level. Use a pencil, pen or screwdriver to mark the position of the bracket bolt or screw holes on the wall.

  4. Use a power drill to drill holes in the marked locations on the wall. Insert anchors into the drill holes to provide extra strength for the bracket.

  5. Position the antenna mast bracket. With a wrench or screwdriver, attach the bracket to the mobile home wall with the supplied bolts or screws, turning in a clockwise direction until the fastenings are secure.

  6. Take the antenna mast and insert it into the supports on the bracket. Position the mast so that the bottom is flush with the lower edge of the bracket. Secure the mast in place by inserting and tightening the supplied bolts. Check that the installation is sound before attaching the antenna to the top of the mast.