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How to Set Up a Jayco Pop Camper Awning

Hollan Johnson

Jayco popup campers come with an awning that opens over the front of your camper, giving it a tent like look. Along with the other features, such as two beds, ample seating and a refrigerator and stove, the awning gives the camper a true outdoor living space. You can set up a nice table under the awning to enjoy the fresh air while you eat or keep the sun off during the hottest part of the day.

  1. Crank the Jayco pop up trailer up to its proper height.

  2. Place the tips of the upright poles through the holes in the awning. Tighten the wing nuts over the top of the tip to hold the pole to the awning material. The wing nuts are included with the awning and trailer.

  3. Fit the spring-loaded poles into the corner of the awning material where it meets the trailer. Place the other end of the spring-loaded pole at a 90-degree angle to the upright pole. Fit the tip of the spring-loaded pole into the hole at the top of the upright pole.

  4. Adjust the height of the upright pole by pulling down to extend the length of the pole. Tighten the nut in the side of the pole to hold it in place.

  5. Tie the rope to the poles top of the upright poles and to the anchors to hold the awning in place. Drive the anchors into the ground as deep as you can.