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How to Calculate the Cost of a Carport

How to Calculate the Cost of a Carport. A carport makes a nice alternative to a garage, if you can't add a garage to your house. Not only does the carport shade your vehicles, it protects from the winter elements and things like tree sap. Carports can be portable, vinyl or metal.

Here's how to estimate the cost of a carport project.

  1. Determine the size of your carport. Most carports hold one or two vehicles, but you can get a larger one if needed.

  2. Consider the weather in your region. If you live in an area with little wind, rain and no snow, a portable, vinyl carport should suffice. You can anchor the carport with cement blocks. For areas with moderate to severe weather, metal carports work better.

  3. Evaluate how much work you want to do. Carport kits come with everything you need to assemble the carport. They typically cost less than an installed carport, but require more personal involvement (see Resources below).

  4. Look at extra features such as an enclosed carport. While these add protection from all angles, they up the price.

  5. Price carports from online vendors. Carports.com puts you in contact with local carport vendors by state and provides a breakdown on the various types of carports and their features (see Resources below).

  6. Customize your carport. You may want to consider building a custom carport to match your house. Most metal carports come in standard colors, so vendors consider matching the paint to your home a custom carport.

  7. Warning

    Some areas consider carports a permanent structure and require a permit, inspection and fees before you build.