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How do I Reinforce a Metal Carport?

Becky Lower

If your metal carport has suffered at the hands of nature, or if it has been run into by a vehicle, it is best to repair and reinforce the carport before any further structural damage occurs. There are a multitude of things that can be done to make the entire structure more sound, from replacing a roof to adding a garage door. Parts can be ordered from almost any carport manufacturer, and a few simple tools are needed to make your carport sound.

Protect your car from nature by parking it under a stable carport.

Step 1

Replace bent poles with a stronger-gauge metal. Fit new poles into place and screw them to the roof structure.

Step 2

Attach corner braces at each corner. These braces come in 2-foot lengths or 4-foot lengths, if the legs of your carport are taller than 8 feet.

Step 3

Anchor the carport into the ground using rebar spikes commonly seen anchoring mobile homes. Embed these spikes into concrete. If the carport is built on a wooden platform, tie down the walls with lag bolts.

Step 4

Place metal header bars over each doorway, screwing into place with metal screws. Add a garage door to an open end of a carport for extra stability.

Step 5

Add gables at each end of the carport for extra strength. These extend from the top of the legs of the carport to the bow of the roofline, and can be ordered from the manufacturer and screwed into place.

Step 6

Add a snow brace inside the roof's structure, at the center. These metal braces install at the peak of the roof trusses and provide extra strength against a heavy load. On the exterior of the roof, add grommets to cut down on wind and rain damage, and install rain gutters.