How to Clean LeafGuard Gutters

Meredith Jameson

LeafGuard brand gutters have a different design than traditional gutters that are open on the top and allow rain and debris to fall from the roof into the gutter. These gutters are made from a heavy piece of aluminum shaped in a curved form along the roof, with less of a gap open at the top.

The curved piece of metal at the top prevents debris from falling into the gutter while rain pours into the gutter and down the downspout. The gutters come with a guarantee not to clog, which makes cleaning a LeafGuard gutter is somewhat different than cleaning a traditional gutter system.

  1. Set a ladder near a corner of the house opposite of where the gutter connects to the drain spout. The ladder should be tall enough to reach the roof of the home.

  2. Climb the ladder with someone holding the ladder for support. Bring a garden hose attached to a water supply with you.

  3. Position the garden hose at the opening of the gutter at the corner of the house. Have someone on the ground turn on the water supply to the hose.

  4. Allow the water to pour into the gutter to clean it. When satisfied with the results, have the person turn off the water supply.


LeafGuard promises that the gutters will never clog, thereby lessening or removing the need to clean the gutters. Contact the company for more information or if there is debris causing a blockage in the gutter.


Only adults should perform this task.