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How to Install Gutters on a Mobile Home

Jack S. Waverly

Mobile homes are manufactured as a unit in a factory setting. The potential for water and debris to build up on the roof requires the installation of gutters along the sides of the mobile home after it is on the property. Gutters help move water away from the roof and help minimize damage. The gutters must be hung at an angle to ensure downward flow.

  1. Calculate the slope of the eaves. Tie string to the level. Use the chalk to mark the level lines every 10 feet. Make each successive mark ¼ inch lower on the slope gauge to the previous mark. This ensures the gutters have a downward angle to drain the water away from the peak.

  2. Measure and cut the gutter sections. Mark each piece at the ends to meet the 10-foot mark. Subtract the ¼ inch seam allowance on each end of the piece. Measure the length of the entire building to determine the total length of the gutter assembly. Measure and mark the length on the gutters. Make the marking around the entire piece with the combination square and marker. Cut the piece with tin snips along the marking.

  3. Attach the gutters to each other. Connect each piece together with the hanging brackets. These will snap into place like puzzle pieces. Set a hanging bracket 6-inches in from the ends of the completed gutter assembly. Set successive brackets 24 inches apart along the entire assembly.

  4. Set the gutters upside down. Set a gutter sleeve where you want the downspout to attach to the base of the gutter. Draw an outline of the sleeve on the gutter. Remove the sleeve. Use the hole punch to create four corners around the outline. Cut the outline with the jigsaw. Discard the cutout. File the edges down.

  5. Apply sealant to the underside of the sleeve lip. Turn the gutter upright. Insert the sleeve into the hole.

  6. Attach an end cap to each end of the gutter. Use pliers to crimp the edges of the cap to the gutter.

  7. Take hold of one end of the gutters. Have a helper take the other end. Move up the ladders in tandem to reach the eaves. Use the #8 screws to attach the hanging brackets to the roof; this will hold the gutters in place.

  8. Measure and mark the desired length of the downspout. Cut the downspout to size; avoid cutting the tapered end.

  9. Attach the downspout to the gutter to ensure it will fit. Adjust as needed. When the downspout is fitted, set the gutter assembly over the connectors. Screw the downspout to the gutters.

  10. Wrap the bands around the downspouts at locations where they can connect to the wall of the mobile home. Use #10 screws to attach the bands to the walls; this ensures the downspouts are held in place.

  11. Seal the seams and end caps with water sealant.