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GSW Vinyl Gutter Installation Instructions

Denise Brown

GSW Building Products manufactures vinyl gutters under several different trade names, such as Rain Master and TuffFlo. The gutter installation process is similar regardless of the product name you purchase. GSW vinyl gutters use a number of interlocking parts to create a drainage system for your rooftop. Select the configuration of guttering that works best for your house's roofline. Installation is simple if you have basic carpentry skills and an assistant to help you hang the guttering.

Step 1

Measure the length of the walls where you plan to hang GSW vinyl gutters. Plan to add a downspout to a drop outlet for every 40 feet of guttering.

Step 2

Attach a small nail to the fascia at one end of the house. Set the nail 1/2 inch below the top of the fascia board. Tie one end of a chalk line to the nail. Find the level line to the nail at the opposite end of the fascia board, using a carpenter's level. Snap the chalk to make a line on the fascia board.

Step 3

Lower one end of the chalk line 1/8 inch for every 10 feet of drop along the fascia. Snap a sloping chalk line. This is your hanging guide. Repeat this process for every wall where you intend to hang guttering.

Step 4

Assemble the GSW vinyl gutters on the ground, placing end caps on the end of the run. Attach the down flow section to the gutter length using the appropriate connectors that come with the assembly kit. Use soapy water to slide pieces together if they don't snap together easily. Cut any excess vinyl guttering with a utility knife.

Step 5

Attach gutter hooks to the vinyl gutters every 24 inches along the guttering. Put a gutter hook on the end of each section. Place hooks either inside or outside of the gutters depending on your preference and the style of guttering you selected.

Step 6

Raise the guttering into position. With the assistance of your helper, use 1 1/4-inch screws from the assembly kit to attach the gutter hooks to the fascia board. Start in the center of the wall and work your way to the ends.

Step 7

Assemble all of the downspouts. Add a downspout elbow to the top of the downspout. Connect it with self-tapping screws from the assembly kit. Add another elbow to the bottom, connecting it with screws. Connect a diverter to the bottom elbow and use the self-tapping screws to attach a section of downspout to the bottom elbow to carry water away from the house.

Step 8

Attach a downspout elbow to one of the downspout openings, using a self-tapping screw from the assembly kit. Slide the downspout onto the elbow connector and use a screw to hold it in position. Repeat this process for each downspout location.

Step 9

Slide a U-shaped downspout clip around the top and bottom of each downspout. Attach the clips to the house's siding using screws from the assembly kit.

Step 10

Snap leaf guards over the top of the gutters if you purchased them. Slide splash blocks under the ends of the downspouts to direct water farther away from the house's foundation.