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How to Extend a Roof Overhang

Catherine Lovering

A roof overhang that's too short can cause water to drip behind gutters, rotting the fascia board and causing water damage and stains on the side of the house. Extending the overhang to at least 3/4 inch beyond the fascia board is sufficient to ensure water drips into the gutter.

Water that falls behind gutters can cause home damage.

The simple fix can increase the lifespan of your house and add value to it.

  1. Measure the length of your roof overhang. This is approximately equal to the length of each side of your home, or the length of the gutters alongside the roof.

  2. Purchase enough drip-cap flashing, also called aluminum drip edge, to fit the length of your overhang.

  3. Position the flashing under the row of shingles nearest to your gutter. Slide a complete piece of flashing under several shingles at one time. For example, if your flashing is 8 feet in length, slide it under 8 feet of shingles.

  4. Adjust the flashing so it extends over the gutter.

  5. Secure the flashing with several short roofing nails along the piece.

  6. Seal the roofing nails with roofing cement by dropping a dollop of cement on the exposed nail head.