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How Seamless Gutter Machines Work

Vance Holloman

Seamless gutter machines allow gutter installers to easily transport gutters to job sites without having to use smaller pieces to form one longer gutter. The obvious advantage is the fact that without having seams, there is much less chance that a gutter will leak.

This also makes the gutter more attractive, adding to the overall curb appeal of the home.

Seamless gutter machines use what is known as coil stock to fabricate the gutters. Coil stock for gutters is typically a roll of aluminum that is between eight and 12 inches wide and several hundred feet long, and comes in assorted colors. The other metal used in coil stock is copper. The length of the gutter is only limited by the length of the coil stock, so in virtually all applications the machine is capable of making seamless gutters.

The coil stock is fed through the seamless gutter machine, which uses rollers and brakes to form the stock into the gutter. The rollers and brakes are set up to match the desired profile of the molding, and each machine can make one or two different profiles. Rollers make gentle bends in the metal, whereas brakes fold the metal into creases, creating sharp angles.

Once the coil stock passes through the gutter machine, prefabricated end caps are attached to either end and holes are cut for the downspouts that will be attached once the gutter is installed.