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How to Landscape to Hide a Propane Tank

Shara JJ Cooper

Propane tanks are a part of many homes because they provide efficient, affordable fuel. These tanks are often buried underground, making them invisible to homeowners and guests. If your tank is aboveground, you'll want to camouflage it so it doesn't stand out. This can be done by obscuring the propane tank with landscaping. You can also have your propane tank put underground at a later date if you want access to its space in the yard.

Hide the propane tank in a garage-like structure.

Step 1

Create a living privacy screen using evergreen hedges. Try boxwood hedges for an easy, fast-growing hedge. Allow the shrubs to grow tall enough to hide the propane tank. Groom the hedge in the spring and fall for a relaxed look, or every month for a finished, neat look.

Step 2

Install a privacy screen around the propane tank. Build your own, or purchase a ready-made screen. You can make privacy screens from any material, including metal sheeting, lattice or rails. Create a solid fence-like screen, or stagger several privacy screens. Staggering the screens will block the view from a distance, but will allow you to easily access the propane tank.

Step 3

Erect a fence around the propane tank. Choose solid fencing that coordinates with your existing fencing. If the new fencing doesn't match, the area will still stand out in the yard. This works best if you don't have height restrictions for fencing in you municipality.

Step 4

Install a stand-alone trellis or attach a trellis to your fencing. Plant fast-growing vines on the trellis to hide the propane tank. Try ivy for year-round greenery, or a flowering vine, such as honeysuckle, for fragrance and color in the warmer months.

Step 5

Build a shed around the propane tank. Choose building materials that match your home so the shed looks like a natural addition to the yard. Ensure that the shed is approved by the propane company and that all safety requirements are met. You and the propane company should have easy access to the shed.