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How to Hang a Cornice Board

Kathryn Hatter

A cornice board is a wooden box with a top, a front and two side pieces. A cornice board is used above a window to conceal window treatment hardware (including rods and hooks). Cornice boards are often used in formal window treatments with heavier draperies.

The wooden structure of cornice boards is useful because of the stability it adds to window treatments. Learn how to properly hang a cornice board.

  1. Determine the placement of the cornice board. The inside corner of the cornice board should be placed no less than 1 inch above the window hardware. Keep in mind that studs will typically be on each outside edge of the window and placing the drywall screws into the studs will simplify the hanging process.

  2. Use the level to make sure that your cornice placement will be level. Mark the placement on one side with a pencil and then use the level to make sure that the mark on the other side is level to the first mark.

  3. Confirm stud position with the stud finder. If studs are present, use drywall screws. If studs are not present, use butterfly bolts. Attach the first L bracket to the wall on one side of the window at the point you have marked, using the appropriate hardware. Place screws in both holes of the L bracket.

  4. Repeat Step 3 on the other side of the window with the other L bracket.

  5. Position the cornice board over the L brackets. Using the drill, drill up through the bottom of the cornice board to attach the other side of the L brackets to the cornice board with the wood screws.

  6. Tip

    There are extensions available for drills that can be used to make it easier to reach the underside of the cornice board when attaching the cornice board to the L brackets.