How to Remove WD-40

Leonardo R. Grabkowski

WD-40 has many household and automotive applications. One of the ways to use WD-40 is to use it to clean tar or bugs from a car's bumper, or adhesive and other residues from a floor or other household surface. WD-40 is very easy to clean once you have sprayed it on to a surface.

Be sure to let it set for a few minutes if you are trying to remove a sticky substance.

  1. Examine the area with the WD-40 sprayed on it. Note the location of the substance and grab a soft cloth or towel.

  2. Wipe the affected area well with the cloth or towel. Turn it over to use the other side if the area is heavily sprayed with WD-40.

  3. Continue wiping until the WD-40 is completely removed. The area should be dry to the touch. You shouldn't be able to see the WD-40's residue. If you can, grab another clean towel and begin wiping again.