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How to Remove Super Glued Wall Paper

Jennifer Hudock

Some homeowners don't seem to know the first thing about decorating, and often they use unconventional methods to repair things, like wallpaper tears, for example. If you're preparing to remove wallpaper and find out it's been patched or adhered with Super Glue, chances are the conventional wallpaper removal methods aren't going to work. There are things you can use, however, to help scrape and remove the paper and the Super Glue.

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  1. Fill a spray bottle with acetone nail polish remover.

  2. Spray generously onto the wallpaper that is stuck on with Super Glue, allowing the nail polish remover to soak into the paper and wet the glue behind it.

  3. Allow the acetone nail polish remover to sit on the paper for 10 to 20 minutes, giving it time to dissolve and break down the components of the glue.

  4. Test the wall paper with the edge of a metal scraping tool to see if it is ready to be removed. It will peel away with ease if it is ready. In the event that it is not yet ready to peel and scrape, reapply generous spritzes of acetone nail polish remover.

  5. Scrape wallpaper away from the surface of the wall with your metal scraping tool.

  6. Saturate a sponge with acetone nail polish remover, and rub it over stubborn glue stains and stuck paper until the glue breaks down. Scrape away remaining residue.

  7. Wash the scraped surface with a sponge soaked in warm, soapy water to remove leftover particles of paper and debris.