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How to Install Polyurethane Crown Molding

How to Install Polyurethane Crown Molding. Polyurethane crown molding can add a touch of class to your ceiling trim. You often can't tell the difference between this and solid wood crown molding, yet you can have a more elaborate trim with polyurethane than you might get for the same money for wood.

  1. Measure your room so you know how much polyurethane crown molding to purchase. Go to the lumberyard and purchase your supplies.

  2. Put adhesive into the caulking gun. Cut the end off the tube.

  3. Run a bead of adhesive on both sides of one of the corner molding pieces. Set the corner in place to install it. Nail it in place with pin nails from the nail gun. Repeat this process for all the corners.

  4. Measure the distance between the corner pieces on one wall. If you need to splice a piece, cut square or butt ends. Allow 1/16 inch to 1/8 inch extra for each piece for a tight fit.

  5. Start at the corner. Run adhesive down the top and side of the piece of polyurethane molding. Set it in place and then nail it. If the piece goes from corner to corner, it should be tight and snap into place as you install it. If you have to piece the molding, put the first piece up, then start at the other corner and meet in the middle.

  6. Repeat Step 5 for the remaining walls of the room. Caulk all the cracks with paintable silicone latex caulking. Wipe off any excess. Allow the caulking to dry.

  7. Paint the crown molding. Use painter's tape to keep paint off the ceiling and walls.