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How to Repair the Corner Trim on Vinyl Siding

Rachelle Proulx

Vinyl siding corners can be easily damaged because the corner siding is often hollow directly behind the trim. This makes it susceptible to holes and sections breaking off when pressure is applied. Lawn mower decks and fallen trees are the usual culprits but thankfully damages to vinyl siding corner trim are easy to patch. You can purchase vinyl corner trim at home improvement and building supply centers to create a patch to cover the damaged area.

Damage to vinyl siding is common especially after storms.
  1. Cut a piece of corner trim 2 inches larger than the damaged area to create a patch. Remove the nailing strips from the patch with tin snips.

  2. Sand the back of the patch and the area around the damaged section with sandpaper.

  3. Squeeze polyurethane construction adhesive on to the back of the patch. Set the patch over the damaged corner. Wipe up any adhesive that oozes from the sides of the patch with an old rag.

  4. Tape the patch in place with painter's tape. Let the adhesive dry to the manufacturer's recommendations. Remove the tape once the adhesive is dry.