Metal Corner Bead Vs. Vinyl Corner Bead

Michele M. Howard

Corner beads are slender strips attached to a wall's corner during drywall construction. They are made with a variety of materials, including metal and vinyl. After installation, the beads are covered with joint compound and blended in with the rest of the wall in preparation for painting.


Corner beads are used in drywall construction.

The function of corner beads is to reinforce wall corners and protect them against crumbling, denting and other types of damages. When installed properly, they provide a clean, sharp, professional-looking edge to outside wall corners.

Metal Corner Bead

Metal corner beads are made with galvanized steel or aluminum. The advantage of using metal strips is that they are durable and long-lasting. On the other hand, metal beads are hard to work with, not pliable and can rust. This rust can bleed through and cause the paint to discolor.

Vinyl Corner Bead

The advantages of vinyl beads are that they are easier to install, more flexible and rust-proof. They are easier to use around arches with unique architectural designs and curvatures. Although vinyl corner beads are easier to use, these beads sometimes crack or break during installation.