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How to Use Joint Compound to Create a Tuscan Look

David Miller

Tuscan style evokes the charm of the Italian countryside with rustic looks and earth tone colors. Textured cottage walls express the warmth that is Tuscany. The walls are inspired elements of nature, and are made of rustic stonework or marble.

Tuscan style is inspired by elements and colors of nature

You can create your own Tuscan wall finish using drywall joint compound and some finishing techniques. You can provide a peaceful, rustic setting after you are done that will make you feel like you are in the Italian countryside.

  1. Apply primer onto the walls especially if applying to a glossy or satin finish. This will allow the joint compound a better base to adhere to. Allow one day for the primer to dry adequately before proceeding with the next step.

  2. Apply the joint compound onto the walls using a wide putty knife and using inconsistent strokes in perpendicular and vertical directions. If the application becomes too smooth use your knife edge to make indentations and crevices in the joint compound. Tuscan style does not lend itself to even, smooth application.

  3. Paint the walls a base color of beige or brown using your paint roller. Again, allow one day for the joint compound to dry before applying paint. Use your paintbrush to touch up any deep textured areas that you missed with the roller.

  4. Mix the glaze with paint using a 1 to 5 ratio. Use a paint color that is darker than your base color. Orange glazes can be used with yellow tones whereas brown glazes need to be used with darker colors. Mix until you have an even consistency.

  5. Apply the glaze and paint mixture using a paintbrush once the original paint coat has dried. Sponge most of the glaze off of the wall leaving only a small amount. The textured wall crevices will hold pockets of glaze bringing out the textured look of the wall.

  6. Tip

    Use a thick nap paint roller when applying your base coat. This will allow you to get into crevices in the joint compound easier. Usually a 3/4 or 1 inch nap will work well; these rollers are fluffy and will apply pain to uneven surfaces. Tuscan style homes use earth tones so when choosing paint colors keep in mind you floor covering and other décor you are using.


    Keep your joint compound thickness to 1/16 inch for best results. If you go thicker than this you could experience chipping and adhesion problems later on after the compound has fully cured.