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How to Use Translucent Color Glaze

Melissa Smith

Translucent color glaze paint is a light paint that is meant to add special effects to a room. Rag rolling a painted room with translucent color glaze can add depth and dimension to an otherwise drab wall. Translucent color glaze comes in various colors or you can simply use a clear pearling glaze.

Applying a translucent color glaze over a base color gives a unique effect to your wall.

With some practice and a few steps you will be on your way to a beautiful room in no time.

    Cover all baseboards, window molding, door frames and ceiling edges with tape.
  1. Cover all baseboards, window molding, door frames and ceiling edges with masking tape. Place drop cloths on any flooring or furniture that you want to protect from paint spills or drips.

  2. Paint a base coat.
  3. Paint a base coat of the color of your choice on the walls of the room according to the directions on the can of paint. Cut in all edges with a nylon bristled brush and paint each wall with a roller brush. Allow the base coat to dry completely and add a second coat if needed.

  4. Dip your rag or rag roller into the translucent color glaze until it is wet but not soaked or dripping. Twist the rag so that it creates a cylinder shape. If you are using a rag roller, this has already been done for you. Roll the rag or rag roller very lightly over the wall starting from the ceiling and working your way down. Keep a consistent light pressure on the rag or rag roller to allow the color from the base coat to show through the translucent color glaze.

  5. Repeat the rag technique for all of your walls and allow the translucent color glaze to dry completely. Add a second coat or touch up spots if necessary. Remove all masking tape after the walls are dry.

  6. Tip

    Try dry brushing your translucent color glaze onto your wall for a different effect than rag rolling. Move the rag or rag roller in different directions for a randomized look.