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How to Mount Things to a Wall Without Peeling Off Paint

Cynthia Gomez

When you’ve got freshly painted walls, the last thing you want is to ruin your paint job by mounting things on the wall that might peel off your paint, such as double-sided tape, which is often used to adhere art to walls. Fortunately, there are other methods for mounting things to your walls that won’t damage your paint job.

Mounting things on your wall doesn't have to peel your paint.

Step 1

Use picture hangers to mount framed photos and art to your wall. These can be purchased at any home improvement store and even some supermarkets and big-box department stores. They consist of a small hook that hangs down and a very thin nail going through the top of the hook. All you have to do is hammer the nail lightly into your wall. If you ever decide you no longer want to have decorations in that spot of your walls, you simply pull out the nail slowly, so that all that’s left is a barely-there hole without peeling off paint.

Step 2

Utilize hooks that go on your walls with special adhesive. These hooks can be quite sturdy. When you no longer want them on your walls, the adhesive peels off easily, without removing your paint. Make sure to read the packaging when buying these types of hooks to ensure that you choose the easy-removal kind.

Step 3

Use special wall mounts, depending on what your mounting. For instance, if what you want to mount is a flat-panel television, you’ll need a wall mount that can support your specific television. These mounts go on the walls using nails and anchors. While they may leave larger holes in your walls, there’s no reason why the paint should peel when you eventually decide to remove the television and mount from your wall. And the holes can be easily filled in and painted over to make your wall look as good as new.