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How to Put a Garland Up on a Brick Fireplace

Maria Magher
You can hang a garland even on brick fireplaces with the right tools.

Hanging garlands is a nice way to create a festive atmosphere in your home during the holidays. However, if you have a brick fireplace or a brick wall in the area where you want to hang your garland, your options may seem a bit limited. You can't just tap in a nail and drape your garland over it. There are a few simple strategies you can use to hang a garland on any brick space, whether inside or out.

Use Special Clips for Brick

Special clips are an easy and inexpensive solution to hanging items on brick. The clips attach to one side of the brick and then stretch to firmly attach to the other side. The clips can hold up to 25 pounds of weight, on average, and they do not require any special installation. You must measure the size of your brick, however, to get the right size clip. Though it may seem like all bricks are a standard size, there can be deviation, and you want to ensure a proper fit.

Use Masonry Screws

You can drill into both brick and mortar -- you just need the right tools to do it. To drill into brick, you will need a masonry drill bit, which has a triangular tip, and some masonry screws. It is better to drill into the mortar, however. Drilling into the brick is more difficult, and you risk splitting the brick. It is also easier to repair mortar and fill the hole later, if you need to do so.

Take Advantage of Nearby Wood

On many brick homes, there are nearby wooden accents, such as a mantelpiece, trim and awnings. You have a lot of flexibility in how you can hang your garland, since it can be draped across an area. Use this to your advantage and hang your hooks on nearby wooden pieces. Then drape your garland lower or wider to cover the space you wish. By nailing or screwing into the wood, you reduce the risk of damage to your bricked areas, which can be more costly and labor intensive to repair.

Use Adhesive Hooks

There are many hooks available that are designed to adhere to the wall or other surfaces. The strong tape or glue that some of these hooks use can stick even to brick; check the packaging for surface and weight limits. You can hang your garland with these hooks without fear of damaging your brick or mortar. However, many of these hooks will not have a significant weight load -- usually less than 20 pounds. If you are hanging a light garland and nothing else, they should be fine. Just don't try to hang a stocking or other decorative items on them as well.