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How to Attach a Pegboard to Brick

Joni Ryan

Pegboards offer storage solutions for gardening tools, workshop tools and everything in between. They are a versatile and sturdy way to use empty wall space. When that wall is made of brick, though, the challenge of attaching the pegboard arises. A little bit of preparation and some drill bits will help you successfully attach a pegboard to brick.

Brick walls require special fasteners.
  1. Obtain fasteners based on the size of your pegboard. Heavy-duty holding will require lag anchors; light- to medium-weight boards can be supported screws such as Tapcon screws. Buy one anchor for every 5 inches of pegboard.

  2. Measure and cut the 1-inch by 2-inch boards to create a frame for the peg board to mount on. You will need two horizontal boards and two for the vertical boards. Allow for the width of the top and bottom horizontal boards when measuring the vertical sides.

  3. Mark out the dimensions of the pegboard onto the brick wall. Use a level to ensure a straight hang. Use the mortar bit to pre-drill a hole into the mortar for each fastener needed.

  4. Mark and pre-drill each frame board to correspond with the holes drilled in step three using a standard drill bit. Attach the wood frame using the fasteners.

  5. Attach the pegboard to the frame with a wood screw at each corner. Fasten additional screws along each side to secure.