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How to Bond Stucco to Durock

Don Kress

Bonding stucco to Durock is as easy as applying stucco to other surfaces. In order to make certain that the bond is permanent, however, you have to ensure that the stucco is the right consistency. If you've mixed it too thin, the stucco won't spread correctly.

Stucco adheres to practically any surface that is properly prepared.

If you've mixed it too thick, it won't adhere to the Durock and will dry out too quickly.

  1. Empty the package of stucco into a mixing container. The specific instructions for using the product are on the package. Read them carefully before proceeding.

  2. Check the Durock to make certain that it is clean, dry and fastened securely to the wall framing behind it. Adding stucco to the wall significantly increases the weight of the board.

  3. Add water to the stucco mix a small amount at a time, mixing it thoroughly with a garden hoe until it has reached the consistency of peanut butter.

  4. Scoop up some of the stucco with the bottom of a masonry trowel and spread it on the Durock, working from the bottom of the board to the top. On a Durock board, the stucco does not need to be quite as thick as you would spread it on concrete due to the Durock board's flat and less porous qualities. Thin the stucco to approximately 1/8- to 1/4-inch while spreading it across the board. Allow the stucco to cure for approximately one hour prior to applying the stucco texture to the surface.

  5. Tip

    Use a straw broom for imparting a round texture to the stucco