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How Much Does it Cost to Put Stucco Over Bricks?

Stucco is a very versatile and durable type of siding material that is made out of a combination of water, lime, cement and sand. It offers great thermal insulation, is resistant to heat and can be installed right over existing siding like brick. Despite the many benefits of stucco siding, it is not without drawbacks.


There are a couple different types of stucco on the market. There is premium, high-quality stucco available and there is discount, lower-quality synthetic stucco available. Discount stucco can still be quite durable and is available with a relatively low price tag.


While stucco siding is not the cheapest siding available, it is also not the most expensive. Stucco can be professionally installed for consumers for as low as $4 per square foot and as high as $9 per square foot, as of November, 2010. Stucco is difficult to install, so a great portion of the price tag linked with a stucco installation is from labor costs.


Stucco is quite durable, but not completely resistant to cracking and crushing. Repairing damaged stucco siding can be costly; it usually requires the skilled hands of an experienced stucco installer to properly repair. Stucco is also prone to stain because it is a relatively porous material. It can be exceedingly difficult to remove stains from stucco.