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How to Plaster Patch Structo-Lite

Ryan Hotchkiss

Stucco is a product used by masons to finish and protect the exterior of buildings and walls. Structo-Lite is a gypsum base coat used for stucco projects. Like all gypsum-based stucco, Structo-Lite is mixed with water and applied with a trowel or a pressure sprayer. For patches, a trowel works best because the location of the application is controlled more accurately. Mixing and applying Structo-Lite is less difficult than finishing the stucco, and the entire process is generally simple.

Structo-Lite makes plaster patching simple.

Step 1

Prepare the damaged area for Structo-Lite by scraping away any residual cured stucco. Hold the putty knife at a 15-degree angle to the surface of the wall and scrape the knife under any cured stucco affixed within the damaged area. Do not damage the wood or concrete under the stucco finish by scraping at too great an angle.

Step 2

Pour the Structo-Lite into the wheelbarrow or mixing bin. Pour 3 gallons of water per 50-lb. bag of Structo-lite. Adjust the volume of water according to the actual poundage you use; most patching jobs do not require 50 lbs. of stucco.

Step 3

Mix the water into the Structo-Lite with the plaster mixer. Add a small amount of water if the stucco is not completely saturated. Structo-Lite should not typically require more than 3.75 gallons of water per 50-lb. bag.

Step 4

Scoop the Structo-Lite up with the trowel. Apply the stucco mix to the damaged area by slapping it onto the wall. Trowel the stucco with broad, even strokes. Attempt to match the pattern of the cured stucco surrounding the damaged area.