How to Mount Items on a Brick Wall

Kristan Hart

Mounting items to a brick wall requires different tools and equipment than if you wanted to mount something on drywall. Because of the density of the brick, and the difficulty to repair it if you make a mistake, take your time when mounting items on a brick wall.

Modern living room with brick wall


While you can use a regular drill, a hammer drill pulsates to make it easier when drilling in concrete or brick.

Concrete Screws

    Man holding a power drill
  1. Turn your drill onto its fastest setting. Faster speeds help you obtain the power necessary so you can drill into the brick.

  2. Drilling a hole into a brick wall
  3. Drill a pilot hole. Many name-brand concrete screws come with a specially designed drill bit inside the concrete screws package. That helps ensure the pilot hole you drill is the exact size it needs to be.

  4. Concrete Dowel
  5. Insert the concrete screw in the pilot hole using your drill.

Masonry Anchors

    Woman drills into brick wall
  1. Drill a pilot hole that’s approximately the same size as your masonry anchor.

  2. Pile of masonry anchors and screw
  3. Hammer your masonry anchor in the pilot hole you drilled. Hammer it in until the lip on the end is flush against the brick wall.

  4. Blue dowel and screw
  5. Add a screw to the middle of the masonry anchor by drilling it in. Use only the screws designed for use with that masonry anchor, because using a screw that’s too big could damage the masonry anchor, and using a screw that’s too small may not provide the support you need.