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How to Add Weep Holes to a Brick Retaining Wall

Damon Koch

A common problem with brick retaining walls is the accumulation of water behind the brick. This can cause damage to a brick retaining wall and severely shorten the life of the wall. The addition of weep holes to the brick wall while it's under construction is an inexpensive and easy solution to this problem. The weep holes provide the water with a pathway out from behind the brick. Installing weep holes to an existing brick retaining wall requires a moderate amount of time and effort.

Step 1

Install a masonry drill bit into the chuck at the end of an electric drill. Depending on the type of drill you have, the chuck may loosen and tighten with a key or by hand. Install a bit that is the diameter of the plastic weep tubes you acquired.

Step 2

Drill holes into the brick mortar on the bottom course of the wall about every 24 inches. Hold the trigger part of the drill in your dominant hand and place your other hand under the front of the drill just behind the chuck to support the drill as you begin to put a hole in the lower part of the wall.

Step 3

Hold the drill at a 90 degree angle to the wall so that the holes will be straight. Apply moderate pressure, but do not force the drill. When the hole is drilled to the correct depth to accommodate the weep tubes, back the bit out of the hole while continuing to squeeze the trigger.

Step 4

Insert a plastic weep tube into each hole that you drilled. Press the tubes into the holes by hand and tap them gently with a hammer to make them flush to the surface of the wall.