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How to Cut Bricks With a Mitre Saw

John Walker

A rotary saw is any type of handheld or mounted saw that spins a round blade. The purpose of the saw is defined by the type of saw blade, not the type of saw. Cutting bricks is truly easier with a dedicated brick-cutting handheld or table saw, but is as easily accomplished with a simple miter saw. The key is in choosing the right blade for the saw. As long as the miter saw is large enough to penetrate through the brick, you can use it to cut any type of brick or paver.

Angle grinders are also convenient tools used to cut bricks and pavers.
  1. Attach a diamond-tipped masonry saw blade to the miter saw.

  2. Position the brick properly in the saw so the marked lines for the cut line up with the saw blade.

  3. Turn on the saw and lower it slowly. Do not force the saw blade through the brick, but allow the blade to slowly cut the material.

  4. Blow off the brick with an air supply and air hose, to monitor the progress as the saw cuts through the brick. Attach the hose to the table, making sure the lines are out of the way of the blade, or have an assistant hold the hose properly.