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How to Seal a Brick House to Prevent Mold, Mildew, and Moisture

J. Johnson

When bricks are not properly sealed, moisture can be a major problem. When moisture attacks your brick home, the result can be an infestation of mold and mildew that can quickly begin to spread. This mold and mildew can damage the porous surface of the brick, as well as contaminate your home with these harmful substances. Because brick is porous, it can also be a tough to remove without using strong cleaning methods.

Protect your bricks from moisture problems.
  1. Mix together a cleaning solution of 1 part bleach and 9 parts water.

  2. Use a stiff cleaning brush to scrub your brick with the bleach solution. You need to remove all mold and mildew before you seal your brick house.

  3. Rinse the brick with plain water, and allow at least a day for the bricks to dry thoroughly.

  4. Apply a water-repellent brick sealer once your house is completely dry, using a hand-pump sprayer.

  5. Add a second coat of brick sealer once the first coat is dry if the sealer instructions recommend it.