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How to Clean Chalk Off an Interior Brick Wall

Mary Ylisela

Interior brick walls add a classic touch to the look of your home. Stone surfaces, such as brick, are easily maintained but must be cleaned carefully and with the proper supplies and techniques. When chalk marks are made on an interior brick wall you must remove them from the surface and grooves of the brick. When prepared, you can accomplish this task without making further mess in your home or damaging the stone with too much moisture.

Interior bricks add to the aesthetic appeal of a room.

Step 1

Dropcloths used for painting are useful for messy cleaning projects.

Lay a fabric or plastic dropcloth on the floor beneath the area of interior brick you intend to clean. The dropcloth catches moisture and debris to prevent it from making a mess on the floor.

Step 2

Pour 2 capfuls neutral stone cleanser in a bucket and add warm water in the amount directed on package instructions. Mix the solution to create soapy water.

Step 3

A scrub brush cleans natural grooves and crevices in brick.

Dip a scrub brush in the mild cleanser. Start at the top of the wall and scrub your way down. Rinse the scrub brush frequently and apply more soap solution as needed.

Step 4

Fill a bucket with warm water. Rinse the brick wall by scrubbing it with plain water. Press a dry cloth into the brick to remove excess moisture then allow the wall to air dry.