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How to Lay a 45-Degree Angle Brick Wall

Vera Leigh

If you would like to build a brick wall in your yard that turns at a 45-degree angle, then you will need to first create a 90-degree angle. Keep in mind that a square is comprised of four 90-degree angles. By cutting half of one 90-degree angle in half, you can form a brick wall at a 45-degree angle. Ask an assistant to help you measure your angles and lay out the path of your brick wall.

Measure a 45-degree angle with a measuring tape.

Step 1

Measure a square with a tape measure, placing bricks in straight lines to form the square. Keep in mind that a square has four equal sides. Therefore, if you want your brick wall to be 5 feet long, then measure 60 inches on each side.

Step 2

Place the tape measure in the middle of one corner of the square and stretch it to the opposite corner. Line bricks along the tape measure diagonal. You have now formed a 45-degree angle at these two corners. Remove the extra bricks from the sides of the square so that your wall forms a "Z" pattern. At each point, the wall will form a 45-degree angle. This design makes a unique one for a garden.

Step 3

Pour the mortar mix and the water in a bucket and mix with a cement-mixing drill that you can rent from a home construction supply store.

Step 4

Smooth mortar down the length of bricks and layer them until you have the height of wall you desire.