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How to Cut Sandstone Blocks

Leslie Renico

While harder materials like granite have become more commonly used in construction, sandstone has been in use for construction projects for millennia. It still has applications for paving because it does not require finishing for use. It is found in grays, yellows, reds and browns.

Chisels help with the fine work of stonecutting.

Companies that still use sandstone quarry the stone and cut it into the needed size of tiles or brick. Currently, India is the primary source of quarried sandstone.

  1. Use a quarry chainsaw to hew sandstone away from walls and niches in blocks. These saws come in different sizes: some are portable, but others require connection to a vehicle, according to Dexpan. These saws are more complicated and difficult to use than a customary chain saw that you might use on lumber.

  2. Slice the blocks into smaller sections with the chain saw. Make the sections the same width or length you want the bricks to have.

  3. Mark your cutting lines to split the sections into smaller blocks or bricks with the pencil. Then, use the circular saw to follow the cutting lines. This will prepare the sections for the stone splitter.

  4. Use the stone splitter to break the sheets into blocks or bricks. Align the teeth of the top blade with the cuts you made with the circular saw before activating the splitter. You can go back with a hammer and chisel and even things out.