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How to Cut & Shape Bluestone

Jonathan Shaffer

Bluestone is a natural stone commonly used for high-end outdoor paving jobs. It usually is cut into 2-by-2-foot slabs but can be found in 1-by-1-foot slabs as well. Bluestone is fairly soft for a natural stone, much like marble. It gets its name from its beautiful, natural blue-gray color. Most installers drop slabs of Bluestone to create randomly shaped pieces to set in a mosaic style.

A wet saw cuts perfectly straight lines in bluestone.
  1. Drop a slab of bluestone. It will break it into big chunks, which you can use for a walkway through a garden.

  2. Use the wet saw to cut the pieces you need for the edges of the walkway.

  3. Use the 4.5-inch grinder to cut curved lines in the bluestone. The smaller blade makes cutting on a curve much simpler. The grinder also is much more portable than the wet saw. Curved cuts help you make bends in the walkway or sidewalk.