How to Cut Paver Stones With a Chisel

Emily Patterson

When installing a patio or walkway with paver stones, there will almost always be areas where the pavers must be cut to fit in irregular areas or around objects. Cut paver stones with a chisel for areas that require smaller paver pieces.

These areas include cutting paver stones around drain lines that run under a patio, around posts for decks or fences around a patio or along the edges of the patio during installation or replacement of paver stones.


Practice on broken or chipped scrap pavers until you can consistently achieve a clean cut.


Always wear safety glasses or goggles to protect eyes from flying debris when cutting paver stones.

Do not use a hammer with a metal head when using a bolster. The metal of a bolster is forged with harder steel than a regular metal hammer and the hammer may shatter on impact. Always use a rubber-headed style hammer when using concrete tools.

  1. Use the pencil to draw a line where the paver stone will be cut.

  2. Cut a groove, also called a “score”, in the paver stone along the pencil line with the corner of the chisel. Score it by running the corner of the cold chisel or bolster all the way around the paver stone.

  3. Place the paver stone on a soft surface, such as soil, sand or a carpet scrap, to prevent bouncing.

  4. Place the bolster in the score, with the flat side of the tool facing the part of the paver stone that will be used.

  5. Strike the top of the bolster with the lump hammer until the paver stone breaks along the score.

  6. Use the cold chisel to clean up rough edges and create a taper that slants from the top of the paver to the bottom. The top of the paver should be slightly longer than the bottom of the paver. Place the cold chisel on areas that need to be trimmed and strike the cold chisel with the lump hammer to remove small amounts of the paver edge until you achieve the desired size.