How to Cut Pavers to Fit a Circle Pattern

John Walker

Pavers add an aesthetic element to any outdoor structure. Pavers are typically manufactured of pressed concrete but are also available in different types of stone. The standard shape of a paver is a square or rectangle. Creating a design with pavers requires planning.

A curve is usually achieved by angling the pavers, as opposed to cutting them.

A curved edge or circle is usually accomplished by spacing the pavers close together near the center and gapped slightly more at the farthest point from the center of the circle. You can also cut pavers at an angle to achieve a tighter joint in a circle layout.


Always wear hand, eye and face protection when cutting any type of stone or cement.

  1. Place your first paver on the ground to begin the circle. You will have to remove the paver later to be cut. You want to measure and cut each paver individually to ensure a tight fit.

  2. Position the second paver so that the outer corner meets the corner of the first paver and the inner corners overlap. You will have to hold the paver to be cut over the first paver. Mark the overlap on the inner edge of the paver to be cut with a crayon. Trace the line from that mark to the outer corner.

  3. Score the paver with a circular saw with a diamond saw blade. Scoring means cutting a line along the surface of the stone with the saw. Score the paver along the crayon mark.

  4. Place a chisel into the channel created by the saw. Start approximately 1 inch from one corner of the paver and hammer the chisel into the cut. You may be able to separate the excess with the one stroke if you scored the paver deeply enough. Continue along the length of the cut until all the excess is removed.

  5. Cut thinner pavers with a wet saw and diamond saw blade. A wet saw will give a clean edge to the paver, allowing for a more precise fit. Wet saws can be rented from any hardware store. The wet saw operates like a table saw. Position the paver a few inches from the blade. Start the machine and carefully push the paver through the saw.