How to Clean Brick Pavers Around a Pool

Nichole Liandi

Brick pavers can provide a durable and attractive surface to place around your pool. But as with any surface exposed to a damp environment, they can quickly develop mildew or mold, as well as pick up dirt from heavy traffic around the pool. Cleaning your brick pavers on a regular basis will alleviate these problems.

Brick paver cleaning can be accomplished easily with some simple tools and household cleaning agents.

  1. Rinse the pavers you'll be cleaning with a high-pressure stream of water from a garden hose. Direct the stream away from the pool so you don't push dirt and debris into the pool.

  2. Mix a solution of bleach and water in a bucket. Use a proportion of one part bleach to four parts water.

  3. Dip a scrub brush into the solution -- a brush attached to a long handle will make the job easier -- and scrub a small section of brick pavers.

  4. Rinse the pavers with the garden hose, remembering to propel the stream of water away from the pool.

  5. Continue scrubbing and rinsing a small section of pavers at a time until the entire area has been cleaned.