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How to Seal a Slate Patio

Sarabeth Asaff

A slate patio is an attractive addition to many homes. Slate is a natural stone material that wears well and can be enhanced through sealing to bring out the natural colors of the stone. A well-sealed slate patio will also be more impervious to stains, mold and algae that may grow on its surface.

Whether you want to brighten the slate's color with an enhancing sealer or just protect it with an impregnater, the process for sealing your slate patio is the same.

  1. Clean the slate patio well. Rinse the slate with fresh water to remove dust, sand or surface debris. Use one cup of bleach dissolved in one gallon of water to scrub up and remove any moss, algae or mold on the slate. Hose off the stones with fresh water to rinse. Let the stones dry completely before sealing.

  2. Pour the sealer into a paint pan and soak a long-handled paint roller in the sealant. Roll the sealer over the patio in overlapping strokes to ensure even coverage. Let the sealer penetrate the slate pavers for up to 10 minutes.

  3. Wipe the surface of each slate paver dry with a clean, dry cloth. Work the cloth around any clefts in the slate to remove any pooled sealer. Do not leave any unwiped sealer on the slate after 10 minutes; this will result in a film on the stones.