How to Cut Limestone Blocks

Kimberly Johnson

Limestone is mined in large slabs for a variety of construction purposes including building walkways, foundations and even as the primary wall material for buildings. Since limestone blocks sell in standard sizes, you must cut them to fit in your desired project area.

Cutting limestone blocks requires a strong blade.

Cutting a limestone block may seem daunting but it doesn't have to be with the right saw and cutting blade.

  1. Measure the location where the block will be installed.

  2. Transfer the desired width or height onto the limestone block using the tape measure and a pencil.

  3. Insert a masonry cut off disk into an angle grinder using the grinder's instructions.

  4. Put on a dust mask and safety glasses and turn on the grinder. Lower the blade toward the pencil line on the block and hold the grinder steady as it cuts through the limestone. Continue until you have cut all the way through the pencil line on one side of the limestone block.

  5. Turn the block over and repeat the process to cut through the other side in the same manner. Depending on the thickness of the block, it may split into two parts after this second cut.

  6. Insert a chisel into the cut line of the limestone. Tap the top of the chisel firmly with a hammer to split the remaining limestone apart.