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How to Cut Limestone Rock

Brandon Getty

Limestone is a sedimentary rock known for its brilliant pearly appearance. The stone is formed in deep, tranquil ocean waters and consists mainly of animal shell fragments and chemical precipitates such as calcium carbonate. Because limestone is soft and simple to cut, it is commonly used as sculpting stock or shaped into tiles for flooring or decorative purposes. A masonry blade is the only special tool you need for cutting limestone rock, and you may already have one in your home workshop.

Shape limestone for your next outdoor project.
  1. Measure the desired dimensions of your limestone rock. Make guiding lines on the surface of the limestone using a grease pencil or a piece of chalk. Take your time and make your guiding lines as straight as possible to ensure accurate cuts.

  2. Attach the masonry blade to your circular saw. Most saws have a locking chuck that must be loosened before you can change the blade. Refer to your saw's manual for more specific information.

  3. Put on your mouth mask, safety goggles and gloves. These will protect you from stray limestone fragments and dust as you cut.

  4. Power on the circular saw and align the rotating blade with your first guiding line. Lower the blade and make contact with the edge of the limestone rock. Stand off to the side as you begin to cut to avoid limestone fragments and dust.

  5. Apply firm pressure to the handle of your circular saw as you cut through the stone. Hold the saw firmly and push it along the length of the guiding line. Continue until the limestone rock is completely cut through.

  6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 for each guiding line you sketched on the limestone rock.