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How to Cut Carbon Arrows With Dremel

Kimberly Johnson

Carbon arrows are used in archery tournaments and hunting because they are more durable than wooden arrows. Most carbon arrows come in precut lengths that can be further shortened if needed. Because the carbon shell of the arrow is fairly hard, you must use a rotary cutting tool such as a Dremel to cut through it. The proper cutting technique is very important, since the wrong technique causes an uneven shaft.

Carbon arrows are more durable than wooden arrows.
  1. Insert a carbide cutting disk into a Dremel tool using the manufacturer's instructions. Mount the Dremel securely in a table clamp so that the tool is positioned horizontally but raised above the work surface.

  2. Draw a line around the shaft of the carbon arrow using a black marker to indicate where you want to cut.

  3. Put on safety glasses and turn on the power button for the Dremel tool to start the cutting-disk rotation.

  4. Place one hand at either end of the carbon arrow and slowly move the marker line toward the spinning cutting wheel. Once the wheel begins to cut into the arrow, spin one end of the arrow slowly away from you.

  5. Continue rotating the arrow three or four turns until the cutting wheel cuts all the way through the arrow shaft.

  6. Turn off the Dremel and remove your safety glasses.