How to Insert a Sawzall Blade

Ryan Maxwell

The Sawzall is a versatile reciprocating saw designed to be used in wide variety of projects. It can be used to cut PVC, metal, wood and nail-embedded wood, and to make scroll cuts, rough cuts and contour cuts. Blades of various lengths and types are available to allow you to cut this wide range of materials.

Changing from one blade to another can be done quickly, which saves you a lot of time when you are working on a project that uses multiple types of materials.

  1. Unplug your Sawzall and set it on a work surface where you have some decent lighting.

  2. Insert the hex key into the blade clamp screw located on the left or right side of the spindle. The spindle is the device to which the blade is attached.

  3. Turn the key counter-clockwise to loosen the screw. It is not necessary to completely remove the screw.

  4. Remove the existing blade and set it aside.

  5. Insert the placement blade into the spindle until the tang of the blade contacts the spindle.

  6. Turn the blade clamp screw clockwise to tighten it securely and remove the hex key. Your Sawzall is now ready for use.