How to Change a Blade on a Craftsman Miter Saw

Steven Diggs, Jr.

With a miter saw you can quickly and precisely cut wood and other materials. The blades need to be kept at their optimum to ensure a safe environment. Changing a blade on a Craftsman miter saw can be difficult and dangerous so work slowly and carefully to make sure that the blade is replaced safely.

A miter saw at a 45 degree angle.


Always read your manual for more information.


The blades are sharp, so be careful.

  1. Turn off the saw by flipping the switch to the off position. Unplug the saw so that no power goes to the saw.

  2. Grab the arm and lock it into the highest position to allow for maximum workspace to remove the blade.

  3. Detach or loosen the guard so it is out of the way of the blade. The blade will not come out unless the guard is moved aside.

  4. Remove the lock the blade is attached to by using a 3/8 inch wrench. A few Craftsman are different, but most use the standard 3/8 inch. Remove the old blade gently so you do not puncture yourself.

  5. Replace the old blade with the new one. The blades are sharp so be careful. Tighten the lock with the wrench.

  6. Reattach or tighten the blade guard back into position. Do not overtighten the bolts so they do not become stripped. Once the guard feels secured, the saw can be plugged back in.

  7. Turn the saw on and see how the blade spins. It should spin effortlessly.