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How to Remove a Stuck Radial Circular Saw Blade

Wade Shaddy

Circular saw blades can bind and become stuck, usually because of resin or dust buildup. Sometimes, small chunks of wood travel up into the housing and get stuck between the blade and the guard, causing the blade to instantly freeze up. They can also stick when you turn the nut in the wrong direction.

Circular saw blades can bind up and get stuck.
  1. Lay the saw on a worktable.

  2. Pull the saw guide up out of the way with one hand as you set the blade down onto a scrap of wood, letting the teeth bite into the wood.

  3. Place the wrench on the arbor nut in the nine-o'clock position, or as near to that as possible. Hold the saw in one hand. With the other, bring the hammer down with a sharp striking blow on the end of the wrench. If the wrench falls off and the nut does not loosen, put the wrench back on and hit it again. Loosen the nut.

  4. Set the saw on its side with the blade facing up. Remove the arbor nut.

  5. Tap on the blade gently to loosen it from the shaft. If it still does not come out, check the guard housing for chunks of wood that are stopping the blade from moving, and remove them. Tap on the blade again until it's free. Lift off the blade.